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There’s no doubting Pinnochio is one of Disney’s cult classics; and how do we celebrate Disney classics here at Pop in a Box?! Why, we collect ALL the Funko Pop Vinyls & official Disney merchandise of course! So, if you’re an avid Disney collector, a fan of Pinnochio or shopping for a gift for a loved one - you’re in the right place. Shop our full range of Disney merchandise here, or if you’re fancying something a little different, check out our Disney & Classic subscriptionservices - there’s something to suit everyone!

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A very real Pinocchio collection

Shop all the latest Pinocchio Funko Pop! Vinyls here at Pop in a Box and add a very real dash of Disney magic to your collections today - whether you’re browsing for a gift for a friend or loved one, or simply treating yourself you’re in the right place.
From wooden to real life - how it all began
In a small Tuscan village a talented carpenter named Geppetto crafted a puppet made entirely of wood - and now you can have your very own modernised Pinocchio collection in the form of Funko Pop! Vinyls, and you don’t even need to craft them yourself! Visited by the Blue Fairy it was Pinocchio’s wish to be a real boy - the Fairy gracefully granted Pinocchio’s wish and gave the puppet life, promising that if he followed three very simple rules; to be brave, truthful and unselfish, she would transform Pinocchio into a real boy.

The adventures of Pinocchio

The story of Pinocchio takes endless twists and turns and we are introduced to an array of weird and wonderful characters throughout including Jiminy Cricket, Lampwick, Honest John, Stromboli, Monstro and many more! The story of Pinocchio has been adapted and interpreted countless times since its original debut in 1883 and was titled ground-breaking in animation when it was released in theatres by RKO Radio Pictures in 1940. It’s most recent adaptation will take place on the Disney + platform in 2021 and its return is greatly anticipated by fans of the animation classic and is sure to be a massive hit so what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the game and bag all the latest Pinocchio merchandise here at Pop in a Box.